3 ways to make sure your local marketing is brand-consistent

3 ways to ensure brand-consistent local marketing

Aug 10, 2017 1:33:12 PM by Frode Nortvedt |0 Comment Add Comment

Local marketing brand consistentAs your company continues to expand, you'll run into new marketing issues you never faced as an emerging business. While you push into new regions, you must maintain a brand consistent approach throughout the different local markets. As different cities, regions and countries possess different core values, you need to identify ways to make sure your local marketing is brand consistent, which often means working with varying branch offices to do so. By following through with these three tips, your advertising will not only adhere to your corporate identity, but to the local markets as well.

Keep the Team Informed

Brand consistency issues often occur within a company due to poor communication. The social media department may not know what the print advertisement department is doing, which in turn may result in contradictory material going out. In order to maintain brand consistency at the local level, everyone within the marketing department (both at the corporate level and the marketing departments at the regional and local office levels) needs to stay connected and informed. The best way to do this is to hold regular meetings and go over changes in the marketing approach and branding style. The better your communication is with all members of the marketing departments, the more brand consistent your local advertisements will have.

Customise a Branding Style

It is important to give the local branch offices a say in regional marketing. The individual branches understand their demographics better and will ensure a localised marketing approach. However, the advertisements must still remain brand consistent. This way, someone who views an advertisements in Norway will recognise your advertisements in Finland. To do this, you must orchestrate a branding style guide. The branding style guide consists of everything that must be included within the advertisements. Within the branding, local divines can include regional information to ensure it connects with the local markets. Some general ideas for what to include within a branding style guide includes company logo, typography, colour scheme, imagery and mission statement, although you can customise the exact branding style to fit your company's needs.

In House Branding Monitoring

Giving local offices control over the regional marketing helps both maintain a connection with the specified region while also ensuring brand consistency. However, without proper oversight, a local office may include information that does not fit into your mission statement, or they may use material that some might see as offensive. So while you need the local departments to handle local marketing while staying within the identified branding style, it is necessary to maintain the final say over the content before it goes out. The best way to do this is to have an in house branding monitor. This might be a team of overseers who look over regional marketing and approve the content. These individuals look for content that does not agree with the corporate identity of your business. By having such a position you'll keep brand marketing consistent while also reducing the chance of less than adequate advertisements from going out via the regional offices.

Brand consistency is vital to establishing brand awareness. The very best companies around the world maintain the same kind of branding and marketing approach to ensure a potential customer will see and easily identify the company through its marketing. By following through with these easy to follow steps, you'll be able to not only maintain brand consistency yourself, but boost your brand awareness as more and more local shoppers become accustomed to seeing and identifying your company through its marketing.


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