Strengthening the bond between your brand's global, national and localised marketing

Strengthening the bond between your brand's global, national and localised marketing

Jul 20, 2017 1:18:13 PM by Frode Nortvedt |0 Comment Add Comment

balance global local marketingAs the CXO of a multi-national corporation, you experience marketing in a completely different way than a regional or local storefront. You need to think not only of the big picture, but of how to connect with local demographics in order to increase sales. To do this, you need to strengthen the bond between your brand's global, national and localized marketing. Here are several important variables to keep in mind and to potentially implement into upcoming marketing campaigns.

Starting at the Global Level

Every national or even regional demographic would receive its own form of localized marketing. What is important to residents in Switzerland may not be the same to those in Canada or New Zealand. However, to strengthen the bond internationally with your product, there does need to remain a handful of similarities. This way, if a customer in Los Angeles enjoys your product, they can easily identify it while in Paris or Tokyo.

As your company's marketing approach targets specific regions, localization should increase. With a global approach, keep the easily identifiable elements the same. This includes color and icon. By maintaining a similar look from one nation to the next, a traveler does not need to understand the local language to identify your product. At that point, they already understand what your company does in their home region, and therefore will become more likely to invest in your product when visiting a different region.

Capture Your Consumers at the Local Level

While a global corporation, you capture your consumers at a local level. This hinges on the quality of your localized marketing approach. As an international company, you do need to maintain and create specific parameters for the regional markets and the heads of these areas. Your company needs to maintain a universal image, which is what allows consumers to return back to you even when in different areas of the globe. By setting these marketing parameters (such as color usage, the feel of the advertisements and local identification), regional and local heads can work within the parameters to maintain the globalized look of the advertising while specifically targeting the regional demographic.

Your company connects with customers at the local level. The company likely started as a local business, catering to the needs of your set location. As it grew, you increased the sell-to regions, but the company continued to market itself towards individual regions. Even as a global company, the same needs to occur in order to continue growing the business.

Understand Your Business, Understand Your Consumer

Consumers change country to country and city to city. In order to create a strong global connection with your international marketing and localized marketing, you first must understand the business. Within your company's statement of purpose, you'll clearly identify what the goals are. This is where you begin. By understanding the business you can set the global marketing approach and then allow local branches of the company provide localized marketing as it remains within your parameters and statement of purpose.

As the head of a an international business or enterprise, the ability to maintain a global presence while providing localized marketing to specified regions is essential to growing your corporation. Maintaining a universal connection with the localized marketing approach connects with consumers at the direct, local level, which helps keep them customers on a global scale through the strong bond formed with carry-over marketing elements in the global marketing campaign. By looking at the big picture and then fine tuning the advertising approach on smaller levels, you'll create a trusted brand consumers all over the world will come to.

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