You want your banner ads to hit home; to encapsulate your brand message - and in an ideal world, to convince your audience to “Buy Now”. At any one time, it’s not unusual for a retail brand to be running multiple banner ads, all targeting subtly different locations and audiences, and in multiple formats. You want to get it right - but at the same time, you want the banner creation process to be as efficient and pain-free as possible.

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We all know that any successful marketing campaign is determined on the effectiveness of delivering the right product to the right target audience. Get it spot on and you can enjoy exceptional returns on investment (ROI), which is why geo-targeted marketing is becoming a cornerstone tactic within the retail environment.

This strategy is not without its challenges. Operating at scale, targeting multiple locations across multiple channels can be very time consuming for both your marketing team and your agency and may stretch your resources to the breaking point.

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Rocket science is not required to understand that the rise of digital and mobile technology has had a disruptive effect on almost all aspects of our personal and working lives; with the retail marketplace no exception. In particular, this can be felt with the speed at which consumer trends can change; creating a challenge to retailers to stay ahead of the curve.

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It’s the perennial challenge, isn’t it? The need to need to maintain a freshness to your campaigns, avoiding the rehashing of old content in a way that makes it seem stale and jaded; yet operating under the potential of tight budgetary constraints.

Dipping into the ever accumulating database of marketing assets represents a common sense approach to resourcefulness, of course. A way of managing a budget through reusing previously crafted material; saving the time and cost of producing new assets for every new campaign; or each time you venture into a new channel.

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You need the ability to produce engaging material, to deliver results consistently and to have an adequate workflow in place to keep on top of it all. Time and again, these top the list of the most significant challenges faced by marketers.

Marketers desire a streamlined, hassle-free method for content creation - but without sacrificing on quality. If big chunks of your time are taken up by proofing and amending material, it’s a clear sign that your content creation process could benefit from an overhaul.

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Of course direct mail isn’t dead. It remains a valuable element of retail marketing strategies the world over - and it doesn’t look set to leave the stage anytime soon.

To take the UK, proof of direct mail’s health came from the latest Ofcom report; advertisers spent over £1.5bn on direct mail advertising in 2015 - a 3.6% increase on the previous year. The spend remains steady, representing an average of around 14% of companies’ advertising budgets.

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