The Use of Print in Today's Digital World

The Use of Print in Today's Digital World

Aug 24, 2017 8:26:00 AM by Frode Nortvedt |0 Comment Add Comment

print-retail-marketing.jpegEverywhere you turn there is a new appliance, device or object that has taken the final move to digital. Your thermostat has gone from the dial nob to a device connected to the Internet, as has your refrigerator and coffee machine. Watches can sync with your smartphone and receive ping notifications from nearby stores. Even modern vehicles can communicate with everything from neighbouring cars to city streetlights. As progress continues to take the world further and further down the digital rabbit hole, is there a place for traditional print in retail marketing? Absolutely. In fact, the mass exodus away from print to digital has left an opening you should pounce on. You just need to know the best tactics for utilising print in today's digital world.

Print Works Locally

On a global scale, print marketing is not always the best option. In order to reach customers in another country there are varying lines of communication you need to cross in order to set up advertisements within these foreign newspapers, magazines and billboards. All of this takes time and energy better directed in another avenue of your business. However, print works exceptionally well locally. This is because you can control who receives the print material, when it goes out and how it is presented. The entire purpose of using print marketing in conjunction with digital marketing is to offer a more personal approach.

If your business is located in a small community, chances are the local newspaper is still a major source of local news. You can also focus on specific areas of town as you branch out with your marketing. Just because the rest of the world is going digital, does not mean you need to abandon the traditional advertising methods within your community.

And as I mentioned in a previous article, direct mail isn't dead.

Storefront Marketing

If you own and operate a brick and mortar storefront, you need to entice customers to come into the store. Once inside, you need to direct them to sales and new products. Print marketing in the form of posters and banners can do exactly this. When working with your print service provider, you can customise the content for both inside and outside usage, not to mention vary the size and information present on the advertisement. Regardless of the variables, storefront marketing is still done primarily with print services. If you're not yet bringing in some sort of print marketing into your storefront, this is something you need to be doing as you're missing out on potential customers.

No Matter What, Keep it Uniform

One of the best marketing practices your business can utilise is to keep all advertisements uniform. This way, potential customers can easily identify your company, products and services, regardless of if they see the marketing on Facebook or during a Google search. The same is true with your print marketing. Just because you're taking advantage of a more traditional form of marketing doesn't mean you should abandon all other practices you've incorporated into the business. Make sure it matches the same color palette, font and look as the rest of your digital material.

Digital marketing is vital to your company's success. From social media marketing to pay-per-click advertisements and creating email lists, the vast majority of your marketing dollars should go to digital means. However, that doesn't mean to turn your back on print. Print, when used properly, can still prove effective, especially with less competition in the traditional marketing means. By following through with these tips on using print in today's digital world, you and your business have the capability of boosting the marketing department's return on investment.

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