4 tips to streamline your retail marketing process

4 tips to streamline your retail marketing process

Aug 3, 2017 1:43:00 PM by Frode Nortvedt |0 Comment Add Comment

streamline retail marketing processAs your company grows, so too does the number of tasks on your plate. Marketing moves from targeting a regional key demographic to identifying potential client bases in cities around the country, if not the globe. This requires additional time dedicated to marketing your products and identifying ways to reach potential consumers in a financially responsible way. If you're not careful, you may quickly find marketing to your growing customer pool takes time away from other important tasks you need to complete. In order to streamline your marketing process, make sure to take into consideration these tips.

Create Marketing Guidelines

With a single storefront, retail marketing isn't overtly difficult. From presenting sales signs on clothing in house to placing promotional campaigns on windows, with everything right in front of you, retail marketing likely proved straight forward. However, with multiple locations, it is best to hand over some control of the marketing to the regional managers of your company. To ensure all retail marketing material goes out looking similar between store locations, you need marketing guidelines. Marketing guidelines reduces approval time so stores can have the advertisements up sooner. Guidelines can include everything from colour to typography.

Track Results

This helps with your company's long term retail marketing practices. Your business needs to track the results of advertisements, including time spent on merchandising a particular product, results, stock levels and so on. Doing so helps identify what advertisements are working and what are faltering. With the available analytics, your company can then improve upon future retail marketing campaigns by ensuring proper stock is on hand, using the successful marketing methods and avoiding the pitfalls. Monitoring results allows your company to bypass making the same mistakes as previous campaigns.

Monitor How Customers Interact With Your Company

If your business exists in multiple regions, you should have social media accounts for each region (this is discussed in another post). By maintaining different social media accounts, it allows the business to provide localised marketing and information to the regional demographic. However, it also allows each region to identify what customers like and dislike through interactions on social media. By analysing what material generates the greatest level of interest at the local level, local managers can then carry out retail marketing based on this information. As is likely the case, each regional branch may have different popular material, so giving retail marketing control to each branch is important, as it streamlines the process as instead of mandating all marketing and sales from the corporate office. This way, corporate can focus on the big picture while regional departments focus on localised retail marketing.


No matter how much big data you collect, there will be times some retail marketing pitches simply do not work. Data analytics should help reduce the chances of this, but there will always be stronger performing marketing campaigns over others. Have regional locations ask customers what products they like, would like to see on sale. This may help reduce time spent on poor performing campaigns as regional locations can focus time on what works.

With the continual growth of your company, you likely have come across varying situations that did not exist previously. This includes providing localised retail marketing to more than more region. It does require your advertising capability to evolve along with your company, but by following through with these tips to streamline your retail marketing process, you'll ensure everyone within the advertising departments, from corporate to the local level, have a strong understanding of your marketing practices while improving both the quality, and timely manor of your material.


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