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The longer you spend time in business, the more apparent putting all your promotional efforts into one channel seems a bad idea. In this age of social media, some of the most tried and true advertising formats still deliver leads and new customers. While focusing on a strong Internet presence with an expanding social media platform should remain a top priority, your company needs to take advantage of other marketing avenues, including direct mail. Here are four reasons why your retail organization needs direct mail as part of its strategy.

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Of course direct mail isn’t dead. It remains a valuable element of retail marketing strategies the world over - and it doesn’t look set to leave the stage anytime soon.

To take the UK, proof of direct mail’s health came from the latest Ofcom report; advertisers spent over £1.5bn on direct mail advertising in 2015 - a 3.6% increase on the previous year. The spend remains steady, representing an average of around 14% of companies’ advertising budgets.

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