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You need the ability to produce engaging material, to deliver results consistently and to have an adequate workflow in place to keep on top of it all. Time and again, these top the list of the most significant challenges faced by marketers.

Marketers desire a streamlined, hassle-free method for content creation - but without sacrificing on quality. If big chunks of your time are taken up by proofing and amending material, it’s a clear sign that your content creation process could benefit from an overhaul.

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Savvy retail marketers are now well aware of the benefits of a regular flow of material when it comes to boosting brand awareness and generating sales. But not just any old marketing collateral will do. As we’re constantly told: it has to be original, it has to be engaging and it has to hit home with our intended audiences.

Yet here’s the thing: a great many marketers on the ground (83% according to a survey from last year), struggle when it comes to the creation process. It’s one thing to have a strategy set out on paper, but the relentless grind of content creation can present a very real challenge to even the best-resourced marketing departments.

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