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For retail marketers, being agile is all about putting data to work; to constantly source new opportunities or solutions, to deploy campaigns and testing strategies quickly, to assess the results in real time and to make changes rapidly where required.

A high-functioning agile marketing team can run multiple campaigns simultaneously. Equally as important, agility gives you improved optimisation capabilities: the ability to spot where changes are needed and to activate those changes right away.

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Imagine a potential customer encountering your retail brand for the first time.

That customer wants to know your story. They want a snapshot of what you’re all about. Their time is precious - so if they are going to spend any more of it finding out about what you have to offer, they need a reason for doing so.

So how do you open that conversation? There are a hundred and one things you could start with - from the exciting new additions you’ve got lined up for this season - right through to the special event you’ve got lined up in a few weeks’ time. But as with any conversation, it’s almost always worth starting off with the essentials: what really matters to your audience - and what sets you apart.

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In a world where the options were basically limited to TV and radio, print and in-store, decisions on where to focus your efforts were relatively simple. But now that customer contact can happen through such a wide range of channels, retailers are faced with a challenge: how to build a presence across multiple sources, while still retaining laser-focus on an individual channel-level. In other words, having that ‘big tent’ of a multi-channel campaign, while ensuring that each element of your campaign - from print ads through to your Pinterest presence - is still working as it ought to be.

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There’s no uniform way to elicit a response from consumers. No one response mechanism to rule them all. Different people (and groups of people) respond in different ways, to different kinds of mechanisms.

Take millennials, that frequently spoken about, sometimes maligned, section of the population born somewhere between the mid-1980s and the late-1990s. A section of society who emerged into adulthood during an age defined both by financial crisis, extraordinary technological change, and the explosion of social media. A generation that now represents one of the most dominant demographics on the retail landscape; with buying triggers shaped by the world into which they've grown.

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