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Of course direct mail isn’t dead. It remains a valuable element of retail marketing strategies the world over - and it doesn’t look set to leave the stage anytime soon.

To take the UK, proof of direct mail’s health came from the latest Ofcom report; advertisers spent over £1.5bn on direct mail advertising in 2015 - a 3.6% increase on the previous year. The spend remains steady, representing an average of around 14% of companies’ advertising budgets.

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Savvy retail marketers are now well aware of the benefits of a regular flow of material when it comes to boosting brand awareness and generating sales. But not just any old marketing collateral will do. As we’re constantly told: it has to be original, it has to be engaging and it has to hit home with our intended audiences.

Yet here’s the thing: a great many marketers on the ground (83% according to a survey from last year), struggle when it comes to the creation process. It’s one thing to have a strategy set out on paper, but the relentless grind of content creation can present a very real challenge to even the best-resourced marketing departments.

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