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Marketing is a key component to connecting with potential customers and driving sales. However, not everyone has deep pockets to fund their marketing efforts. As a start-up or business with a tight marketing budget, you need to find ways to optimise the funds you are given. By optimising, you'll experience a greater return on investment, which can provide you with the results necessary to justify additional marketing budget.

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As your company grows, so too does the number of tasks on your plate. Marketing moves from targeting a regional key demographic to identifying potential client bases in cities around the country, if not the globe. This requires additional time dedicated to marketing your products and identifying ways to reach potential consumers in a financially responsible way. If you're not careful, you may quickly find marketing to your growing customer pool takes time away from other important tasks you need to complete. In order to streamline your marketing process, make sure to take into consideration these tips.

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Retail marketing is all about connecting with your customer beyond a consumer to business level. The most successful forms of advertising connect, in some shape or form, on an emotional level. When considering advertisements you have seen, the commercials with the greatest ability to influence and remain with you are those that touch upon a part of your life. To better connect with your own potential customers, you need to develop this bond. One such way to do this is through localising your company branding, which becomes more viably successful with the help of marketing resource management.

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Digital. Print. TV. Radio. There´s an endless choice when planning how to spend your media budget. But how do you know which combination of media will provide you with the biggest return on your investment? As with many things, it comes back to excelling at the basics. Follow these fundamental rules and you'll create a solid media plan.

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Increase Your ROI

Most businesses will have a specific regional demographic. Whether you are a pure e-tailer or you have brick and mortar stores you will be drawing potential customers using your website, social media and other marketing channels. This means that you should harness the power of localised marketing. If you haven't yet, you are most likely spending far too much on advertising and not getting the results you want. By adding geographical information directly into your online marketing material you may increase your return on investment.

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For retail marketers, being agile is all about putting data to work; to constantly source new opportunities or solutions, to deploy campaigns and testing strategies quickly, to assess the results in real time and to make changes rapidly where required.

A high-functioning agile marketing team can run multiple campaigns simultaneously. Equally as important, agility gives you improved optimisation capabilities: the ability to spot where changes are needed and to activate those changes right away.

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