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The idea of localised marketing is to create region specific advertisements directed at forging a connection with the local key demographic. As your business has grown from a small start-up to a national, if not international brand, marketing becomes additionally convoluted. No longer is marketing a direct approach, but instead you need to connect with varying regions while maintaining a localised approach. In the modern day of advertising, social media offers you a valuable tool to connect with customers, but you still need to ensure a localised connection. Without it, customers may drift away and gravitate towards companies offering the localisation marketing approach. When it comes to social media, here is what you need to know about setting your company up for success.

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The longer you spend time in business, the more apparent putting all your promotional efforts into one channel seems a bad idea. In this age of social media, some of the most tried and true advertising formats still deliver leads and new customers. While focusing on a strong Internet presence with an expanding social media platform should remain a top priority, your company needs to take advantage of other marketing avenues, including direct mail. Here are four reasons why your retail organization needs direct mail as part of its strategy.

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