Why your brand should include localised marketing

Why your brand should include localised marketing

Jul 13, 2017 8:48:00 AM by Frode Nortvedt |0 Comment Add Comment

localised-marketing.jpgRetail marketing is all about connecting with your customer beyond a consumer to business level. The most successful forms of advertising connect, in some shape or form, on an emotional level. When considering advertisements you have seen, the commercials with the greatest ability to influence and remain with you are those that touch upon a part of your life. To better connect with your own potential customers, you need to develop this bond. One such way to do this is through localising your company branding, which becomes more viably successful with the help of marketing resource management.

Understanding Localisation

Using a localised marketing approach in your product branding is important. It helps develop a sense of community with residents in a given area, even if your business is not located here. Fast food chain McDonald's has done this for years. The company regularly puts out commercials boasting of national pride for different Scandinavian nations (such as the military recruitment ad that ran in Sweden to highlight working for the McDonald's company). By creating a sense of localised community understanding, the international corporation connects with communities. By marketing to your customers through localised language, regional demographics and other variables, you'll improve your ability to form the necessary connection needed to turn residents into potential clients.

Demonstrate Your Understanding

Successful marketing hinges on knowledge of your customers. The more you know the better you communicate with them, highlight how your product can help them and understand how to reach them. Appropriate research is necessary to do this. Simply tossing marketing darts out of a window in hopes of hitting a possible customer is a good way to not hit anything at all. However, understanding your potential client base is only half of what your marketing should be doing. It gives you a roadmap for eventual success, but without the emotional hook, the marketing may still fall on deaf ears. Localisation provides you with this connective powerwhile demonstrating to the customers your understanding of their personal needs and way of life. Calling a soft drink "pop" or "Coke" may not seem like a big deal, but using the right language in your customer's region instantly shows your understanding.

Put Yourself in the Consumer's Shoes

Chances are high the products and services you offer in a region are not exclusively unique. While the way you deliver the products or customer service may be top notch, other companies out there likely provide something similar. So put yourself in the consumer's shoes. When one company offers a universal marketing approach while another speaks to you as a community, highlights local destinations and highlights its use of local products, which company would you do business with? This is another reason why localisation in your company brand is essential.

Your ability to connect with consumers plays a major role in not only the success of your branding and marketing, but the success of your company as a whole. Localisation helps develop this connection with different regions, regardless of if your business services one metro area or the entire country. As your business grows, you may enter new locations. As you do, including these tips on localisation will improve your ability to quickly connect with potential customers. In doing so, you'll see an increase in the company bottom line as well.

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